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on Writing Fiction & Fairies

30 minutes

Mary Bermingham, farmer, engineer and nature sanctuary owner talks about her love of writing fiction.

Show Notes

Tom talks to his sister, Mary Bermingham, about writing fiction and her latest work ‘The Hurler’; a screenplay.  Mary was born in London but has lived on the West coast of Ireland for 30 years.  In that time she has had 4 children, managed a variety of livestock and horses, gained a degree in engineering from the Open University and most recently established the Burren Nature Sanctuary, a popular feature of the Irish Wild Atlantic Way. to Buy the book ‘DUST an Irish Fairy Tale’ The Burren Nature Sanctuary Powers Podcast  for Lyme disease Good link is Tick Talk Ireland Writing Scripts software info on Irish Hurling  Irish Fairies and The Tuath Dé Danaan


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